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Wood Destroying Organisms

Wood destroying organisms come in many forms, they all have a place in the environment; however they should be kept out and away from any viable structure. 

Termites in the nest on a white background. Small animals are dangerous for habitat._edite


The last thing a homeowner or homebuyer wants is a termite infestation. These pesky bugs can cause extensive damage to the structure of your home. A state licensed WDO inspector will conduct a thorough inspection to ensure your property is free from termites and identify any previous damage. 


Wood Destroying Beetles 

Termites aren’t the only menace that can damage your home. Wood destroying beetles can also be destructive and go unnoticed for long periods of time. That’s why our licensed inspector is trained to look for all types of wood destroying organisms. This includes surrounding trees as well. 

wood destroying fungus

Wood Destroying Fungus

Don't let wood destroying fungus destroy your home. Our Residential Inspection service offers a thorough examination of the property, including checking for any signs of fungal invasion. Rest assured that we'll identify any issues, and make recommendations on mitigation.

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