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Inspection Equipment Gallery

Technology in Action!


The crawlbot is an invaluable inspection asset. Exploring the places that are too tight or unsafe is the name of the game with the crawlbot. HD 1080dpi Camera and super bright LED lights help capture areas other inspectors may not be able to go.


FLIR Thermal Cameras

Thermal Cameras are highly effective at finding unseen water leaks, HVAC temps, insulation anomalies, and conditioned air leakage. A thermal camera scan is performed on every inspection and thermal photos included on every report.

Thermal cameras
Sewer Drain Line and Gutter Drain Line

Sewer Scope and Bore Scope

Sewer Drain Lines and Gutter Drain Lines are prone to problems.  Proper training and experience makes assessing the viability of any drain lines is a snap with our selection of scopes. Drain Line Reports are an additional service offered by AMA Inspection.

Body Camera

Recording each inspection comes in handy for both inspector and client. Having live recordings ensures the integrity of all parties involved, and allows the inspector to review the inspection afterwards for multiple reasons. 

Body Camera
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